WRRCS's reputation and commitment to safety in its contracting operations is second to none. Although mainly involved in roof and gutter refurbishment using Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane Coatings, the company is frequently asked to use its expertise in providing other facilities for its clients, particularly on external steel cladding.
Steel cladding
ON: Astrothane 2000
WRRCS's experience of protective coating systems for roofs goes back over many years, The Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane system for roofs, installed by WRRCS's directly employed work force, is capable of extending the operational life of suitable roofs by up to 20 years. WRRCS have developed many techniques with the system, particularly on profiled sheeted roofs where sealing of overlaps and bolt heads only can dramatically reduce the cost of sealing the structure.
Standard colours
slate green
WHY: Astrothane 2000?
...because Astrothane 2000 is a single component, pitch free, liquid applied polyurethane membrane which does not contain T.D.I. or coal tar pitch derivatives and is therefore not classified as hazardous.
Coal tar pitch contains certain aromatic compounds which have been found to be dangerous to health and T.D.I. is a very volatile isocyanate. Under current legislation the inclusion of these materials in any formulations results in hazardous classification.
Astrothane 2000 is formulated from M.D.I. based polyurethane prepolymers which have a low volatility and is supplied as a single component. It has all the advantages of other systems without any of the in-built hazards.
Astrothane 2000 behaves like a two pack reactive system because the mechanism of the cure enables it to cross-link with atmospheric moisture. Liquid application allows a seamless membrane to cover a whole area, following any surface undulations.
Astrothane 2000 cures to a permanently flexible seamless membrane with good adhesion to a wide range of substrates including felt, asphalt, asbestos, concrete, slates, tiles, brick, glass and metals.
Astrothane 2000 does not embrittle with exposure to ultra violet radiation, ageing or weathering, and hence does not crack or craze as is the case with more traditional bitumen based products.
Astrothane 2000 is a high build coating designed to be applied in a film thickness of 0.5mm as an absolute minimum. It can be brush, spray or roller applied and has a higher viscosity than a conventional paint and should not be diluted.
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