WRRCS's reputation and commitment to safety in its contracting operations is second to none. Although mainly involved in roof and gutter refurbishment using Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane Coatings, the company is frequently asked to use its expertise in providing other facilities for its clients, particularly on external steel cladding.
Asbestos and fibre cement sheets
ON: Asbestos and fibre cement sheets
All fibre cement roofs degrade with age. Surfaces become porous after weather erosion, bolt holes elongate with normal roof movement often leading to sheets loosening and overlaps opening, becoming vulnerable to water ingress. Complete replacement is expensive particularly since the old sheets may require controlled disposal. After surface preparation within health and safety guidelines, and attention to bolt holes and overlaps, these roofs can be encapsulated with the Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane System to significantly extend their operational life.
ON: Asphalt roofs
Ageing of asphalt roofs results in surfaces cracking, sometimes substantial, and porosity of the surface allowing water penetration. Water trapped beneath the asphalt surface will vaporise, expand and force the formation of blisters, progressively increasing the possibility of water ingress. These problems can be solved by a minimum three coat application of the Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane System, following necessary attention to surface defects. [
Asbestos and fibre cement sheets
ON: Felted roofs
Felt surfaces become vulnerable to water ingress with age. Surface damage, delamination at overlaps and surface porosity are usually serious problems. Once water penetrates beneath the surface it can vaporise and force the formation of blisters and splitting thus increasing the possibility of further water ingress. The Astrothane 2000 Polyurethane System will provide the solution to these problems following attention to all surface defects and delamination and the installation of flexible seals at overlaps.
Asbestos and fibre cement sheets
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